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Hello academy of music families! My name is James, I’m the director for the Academy of music in Oakville, Georgetown and Burlington Ontario and I’m here with a quick video update.  A couple of things on the agenda today.  We’ll start with the Musical Ladder Festival.  We just wrapped up the Musical Ladder Festival. We had music students from all over Canada send in their videos to be adjudicated by world class adjudicators and professional musicians and we have since received the feedback.  Those feedbacks will then be going directly to your music school, so for Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown and for folks that are not in our particular schools but kids as far as Lethbridge Alberta and some in Mississauga and a whole wide variety.  The Musical Ladder Festival is an opportunity for students to submit their songs in video performances to be adjudicated by professional adjudicators. They will receive a mark and then they will receive awards based on their mark.  it’s not specifically a competition with other students but it’s an opportunity to showcase your work and have it evaluated by professional musicians. It’s an amazing program.  This was our first year hosting this and it was a huge success so we will do that again for next year, and so we’re all pretty excited about that.

Next is march break. We will be closed for lessons from the 13th of March to the 19th of March. We will reopen for lessons on March the 20th. The office however will be open, so the office staff is available to help you all throughout the holiday It’s just the lessons are closed.  We hope you have a wonderful, and relaxing holiday.

Recitals: We have the Oakville recitals the Oakville and Burlington recitals tentatively booked for May the 13th and 14th, and possibly the 12th if the response is high. We have that available. It’s going to be hosted at the Oakville Center for the Performing arts which is a beautiful venue.  We have not done the Oakville Center before. We have typically done it in churches, but we’ve decided to step it up and make this a really lovely event for all of our students that are participating in the recitals.  So, the dates again are for sure are May 13th and 14th and possibly the 12th depending on participation. I highly encourage students to participate and prepare for the recitals and then teachers of course please do the same and prepare your students for the recitals.

The lockdown of course has ended we reopened a little over a month ago from the from the January lockdown.  We have been blessed with many, many new students in fact, we’ve probably registered about 150 new students and returning students since the lockdown ended so it’s been amazing!  It is very busy, most of the teachers are full with waiting lists however there are a few times available here and there.  So, if you’re looking to upgrade your time or if you have a friend or a family member that’s looking for lessons give us a call and we’ll see if we can’t make it work.

I believe that’s it for today. I’d like to take a moment and say thank you again for all of your support and taking care of our studio during difficult times and during great times!  Thank you so much and have a great day.  Take care.

One More Thing

Hello everyone, it’s James again. When I did the previous video, I forgot to mention that the recitals are actually for all three locations.  We’re going to host in downtown Oakville but because it’s such a nice venue we decided that it would be wonderful for everybody to participate.  So, for the Georgetown families I know that it’s about a 30-minute drive to the location but it’s just such a nice place to perform that I thought everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy it.  And that’s about it.  Take care and thanks again.  Bye for now!


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