Online Teaching Info for Academy of Music Teachers

NEW:  We will begin adding information to this page for all things related to our online teaching program.  Teachers, Please check in here regularly for updates


This is the log in and ID information for Academy of Music teachers to access their virtual rooms.  Contact the office for room assignments (You may not be in the same room every day).  Feel free to download the PDF with instructions as well.

PDF Instructions:
Zoom Instructions for Teachers


IMPORTANT!  Always sign out of the Zoom app after your shift.  “Leave meeting” does not sign you out.

1. Download the Zoom Meeting app.
2. Sign in with the email address and password
3. Click “Join Meeting”.  (DO NOT “Start new meeting”!)
4. Enter Meeting ID
5. Have Fun Teaching!
6. Stay in the room until all your students are done (you will let them in from the waiting room as they arrive)

6. Sign out of the Zoom app when you are finished for the day (not before)


  • Make sure you are in the meeting before your first student (very important)
  • Keep your lessons running on time
  • All your lessons need to be fun and engaging.  Don’t be dry and boring!  You can make the online lessons awesome if the have a great attitude!
  • Stay in communication with the office.  We are here for you!

Zoom Info:

Note:  The student password for all rooms is music

Oakville Room 1
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom1@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 227-925-8451

Oakville Room 2
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom2@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 749-482-8518

Oakville Room 3
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom3@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 835-523-1471

Oakville Room 4
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom4@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 286-760-7832

Oakville Room 5
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom5@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 545-222-4539

Oakville Room 6
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom6@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 316-967-3114

Oakville Room 7
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom7@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 439-375-6647

Oakville Room 8
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom8@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 926-168-1474

Oakville Room 9
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom9@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 643-916-2800

Oakville Room 10
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom10@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 605-086-2701

Oakville Room 11
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom11@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 841-983-6343

Oakville Room 12
Log In Email: oakvillemusicacademyroom12@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 772-864-6450

Georgetown Room 1
Log In Email: georgetownmusicacademyroom1@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 691-733-0330

Georgetown Room 2
Log In Email: georgetownmusicacademyroom2@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 538-878-3198

Georgetown Room 3
Log In Email: georgetownmusicacademyroom3@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 477-280-5620

Georgetown Room 4
Log In Email: georgetownmusicacademyroom4@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 203-106-5368

Georgetown Room 5
Log In Email: georgetownmusicacademyroom5@gmail.com
Password: Learnmusic101
Zoom ID: 346-786-7656


Do You Want To Give Your Students an Even Better Experience?

Although we are not teaching in person at this time we CAN still use the Musical Ladder System.  In fact, it’s a great thing to do for your students! 

  1. Every teacher should be doing Musical Ladder Challenges with their students online. 
  2. We are going to mail or deliver wristbands and trophies to students during lockdown.
  3. All you have to do is give the test and email/text the office the name of the student and the level and we’ll take care of the rest

IMPORTANT:  Our students need some normalcy in their lives right now.  We can give them a “WIN” and make this time better for them.  Please use the online lessons and the Musical Ladder System to give them a better experience.

How to Send Notes and Files through the Musical Ladder Portal (Video Below)

  1. Log In to the portal here:  https://musicalladder.net
  2. Click the plus symbol “+” in the top right hand corner of the blue student box
  3. Click “Notes” under the teacher’s name
  4. Click “Add Note”
  5. You can add noted in the text box
  6. Click “Choose File”
  7. Locate the file you want to send and highlight it
  8. Click “Open” 
  9. You will see the file name beside the “Choose file” button
  10. Click “Submit


Sign up is easy and parent-friendly, with helpful staff available seven days a week to serve you. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no semester minimums.
The Academy of Music in Oakville Ontario teaches piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, voice, saxophone, clarinet and flute


Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!


$40/30 minutes
$80/60 minutes (Recommended for the serious student)


Monday – Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 7:30pm
Saturday 9:00am – 4:000pm
Sunday 10:00am - 2:00pm

A one-time registration fee of $25 (due only at time of registration)
Music lessons are HST exempt!
Fees must be paid by auto debit or pre-authorized credit card at time of registration.

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