Autumn 2018

Autumn News – Academy of Music In This Month’s Newsletter Important Dates Did you read your newsletter contest Referral contest! Great New Prizes! Musical Ladder success story Is your teacher sold out? Welcome new students Thank you to our referring families STUDENT OF THE MONTH Special Events Important Dates: December 24—January 6—No Lessons (Office Open)...

Autumn News – Academy of Music

In This Month’s Newsletter

  • Important Dates
  • Did you read your newsletter contest
  • Referral contest! Great New Prizes!
  • Musical Ladder success story
  • Is your teacher sold out?
  • Welcome new students
  • Thank you to our referring families
  • Special Events

Important Dates:
December 24—January 6—No Lessons (Office Open)
November 24—Oakville Recital  December 15—Georgetown Recital  January 8, 2018—Referral Draw!


Winter Recitals Coming Up!

We are so excited to hear all the wonderful music our students will perform at our winder recitals!

Oakville : Saturday November 24th at St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church

Georgetown: Saturday December 15th at the John Elliott Theatre

We are happy to offer these recitals totally FREE of charge, SO bring the whole Family! Be sure to sign up at the desk if you haven’t already  – spots are going FAST!

ALSO we are joining the technology era by LIVE STREAMING  the entire Recital. Family out of town no longer need to miss out, just watch the whole recital from the comfort of your home! Stay tuned for more information on how to access the video.

Students may opt out of appearing in the video, please speak with the office staff.

Special Events!

Bring a Friend Week!

November 25th-December 1st  is Bring  a Friend week!  Do you have a friend who loves music? Invite them to meet your teacher and check out your lessons, with your parents permission of course!

You and your friend could win this months Family Movie Pass!
Info and permission slips available at the desks.

November is Food Bank  Month

We are asking all of our students to think about those in need this November. Please try to bring something every week to help support our community as we head into the cold winter season. There are handy lists from the Food Bank available at the desk.

Halloween is over 🙁 But we had so many amazing costumes , our students really went all out!! Here are just a sampling of them, You can check out all the amazing costumes on our Facebook Page and Instagram just search Academy of Music!

And Congrats to our lucky draw winner’s: Daniel won a a family movie pass and Oliver won  a month of free lessons!


Did you read you Newsletter Contest

Fall 2018

To increase readership of the Academy Newsletter each month we’ll feature a new contest winner or a new contest.

Be sure to read your newsletter each month to see if your name has been drawn or you might miss out!

This month’s winner is

Lily Shea

Lily has won a $15 iTunes gift card!

To redeem your prize simply bring this to the school and claim your prize


Everyone be sure to read your newsletter each month!

Please Welcome all our NEW students who started this Fall!  SOO MANY NEW STUDENTS!!!

Hannah B, Alex T, Daniel    D, William O, Jesse K, Renee A, Daniel    D, Matthew R, Ani T, Nirali S, Caleb V, Justin M, Sarah G, Eesha M, Trey T, Daniel, Chloe R, Dylan V, Darius M, Kelly K, Parker   K, Lidia F, Haley J, Haley J, Justin M, Ava A, Daniel    G, Christian B, Ella W, Joseph D, Logan M, Scarlett A, Maahi J, Darvish S, Josip C, Marvyn A, Gray R, Meghan M, Rabaab B, Saahil G, Cadyn R, Calia R, Camryn R, Kayleigh H, Shaila    B, Antony B, Cameron F, Julian F, Ceileigh W, Gail P, Roshan A, Anika B, John L, Jiya S    , Hirak S, Saanvi   S, Riya S, Drew S, Manan G, Valentina D, Andy      L, Sophia   D, Charlie O, Wesley W, Keerat B, Vadim S, Maya L, Teagan B, Esha T, Emma    P, Rachel   C, Sophie P, Timmy   H, Emma    P, Clark R, Raymond B, Nancy    D, Deborah M, Kenneth M, Alex F, Camrin G-J, Melody K, Jacob C, Nichita G, Aidan G, Chelsey  B S, Andreas M, Ryan      Y, Aaran    N, Abdallah E, Deepak  R, Ethan     N, Jacob     H, James    E, Nathan  S, Tobias   A, Melody K, Meghan T, Tianna C, Deborah S, Hannah S, Masha B, Ryan  S, Kevin Z, Milana K, Heather V, Ezra S B, Alissa G, Fatima F, Najla  F, Cody S, Anthony G, Kayla L, Kaylen G, Megan L, Olivia E-H, Arjun T, Deepak R, Diya B, Eesha B, Ian T B, Maia T B, Myranoush K, Ella C, Alma K, Chaeythan S, Hassan  I, Erick C, Anna X, Anton V, Arin G, Mara V, Mezhgaan K, Henrique B, Rennah G, Sachin K, Salaar  K, Timmy  , Shaojie  X, Alma K, Abigail M, Nikhil K, Arkant Z, Charlotte N, Evelyn N, Tatiana  M, Ali R, Emma P, Jacob K, Saiyaa B, Yassin R, Carson R, Maxim L, Samantha T, Aaran N, Anisha   J, Arya A, Brendan H, Henry    L, Matthew T, Bruce S, Jacob  M, Leilani  M, Max  J, Milena W, Tarik K, Vivian S, Kate S, Tobias A, Aarnav S, Alexander P, Erin O, Vitor B, Salma Y, Sana S, Lukas B, Mansimran B, Christopher Z, Nathaniel D, Meera B, Maya B, Marcello Di N, Julian Di N

Celebrating Music Student Achievement!

The Academy of Music in Oakville and Georgetown are the only music schools in their areas to inspire their students with really cool “Musical Ladder” wristbands , trophies AND certificates that they can show off to their friends. They earn them for completing musical challenges.

More importantly when our students have a challenge coming up, they practice more, their parents are proud, their
teachers are proud, and everybody wins! Here are some of our recent achievers:


Prodigy Piano student Emma is here with her instructor Melanie !

Riley earned his Master award as a piano student!  With instructor Susan.



Shraya is our student of the month!

Here’s what Shreya had to say:

“I’ve been playing guitar for around 5 years and have had about three different teachers, at three different schools.  Bryan’s classes are interesting and more fun because he’s enthusiastic, and he makes playing the guitar soo much fun.  I’ve always played the guitar because guitars are cool and I am also learning the flute at school.  I am definitely playing at the recital, I played at the Summer one and it was soo much fun. “

Is YOUR Teacher Sold Out? Teachers With Waiting Lists

Many teachers have sold out, If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list. If you are not a student yet there are still limited lesson spots available. To inquire about openings for January and February please send an email to: [email protected] or [email protected]

Susan (Violin/Piano)— Monday—1 left Tuesday—1 left , WEDNESDAY—1 left,  Saturday—2 left
Greg (Violin/Guitar)— Georgetown: Monday—SOLD OUT, Wednesday—1 left, Oakville  Tuesday—2 left, Friday—SOLD OUT
Jenn (Piano) —Monday—2 LEFT, Tuesday—2 left, Wednesday—1 Left
Maria (Piano) —Tuesday—available, Wednesday—SOLD OUT
Devi (Piano) – Tuesday—1 left Sunday—SOLD OUT
Alicia (Piano/Voice) – Monday—SOLD OUT, Tuesday—available
Nathan (Piano/Voice)—Wednesday—SOLD OUT, Thursday—SOLD OUT,  Saturday—2 left
Graham (Piano/Voice) – Georgetown: Tuesday—SOLD OUT Oakville: Wednesday—SOLD OUT, Saturday—Available
Melanie (Piano/Voice) – Wednesday—SOLD OUT, Saturday— 2 left, Sunday—SOLD OUT
Paige (Piano/Voice) – Tuesday—SOLD OUT, Wednesday— SOLD OUT Thursday—Available Saturday—Available
Savic (Woodwinds/Piano)—Monday—SOLD OUT,  Wednesday—SOLD OUT, Friday—SOLD OUT, Saturday—SOLD OUT
Ryan (Guitar/Ukulele)—Monday—SOLD OUT, Tuesday— 1 left
Robert (Guitar/Piano) —Wednesday  SOLD OUT, Thursday Available, Saturday Available
Eric (Guitar/Ukulele) – Tuesday—SOLD OUT, Wednesday— Available

Contact the office for details on available times.





Sign up is easy and parent-friendly, with helpful staff available seven days a week to serve you. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no semester minimums.
The Academy of Music in Oakville Ontario teaches piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, voice, saxophone, clarinet and flute


Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!


$40/30 minutes
$80/60 minutes (Recommended for the serious student)


Monday – Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 7:30pm
Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm

A one-time registration fee of $25 (due only at time of registration)
Music lessons are HST exempt!
Fees must be paid by auto debit or pre-authorized credit card at time of registration.

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