December – January 2017

In This Month’s Newsletter Thank you for an amazing 2016! Important Dates Did you read your newsletter contest Win a season’s pass to Canada’s wonderland Musical Ladder success story Pet of the Month is Back! Is your teacher sold out? Welcome new students Thank you to our referring families Thank YOU for an Amazing 2016!!...

In This Month’s Newsletter

  • Thank you for an amazing 2016!
  • Important Dates
  • Did you read your newsletter contest
  • Win a season’s pass to Canada’s wonderland
  • Musical Ladder success story
  • Pet of the Month is Back!
  • Is your teacher sold out?
  • Welcome new students
  • Thank you to our referring families

Thank YOU for an Amazing 2016!!

Dear Students,

We have said goodbye to another AMAZING year at the Academy of Music!  As you know the holidays are always a time to reflect on our many blessings and to appreciate our family and friends.  We want to thank YOU for being a part of our musical family, and we count every one of you as a blessing.   As we move forward I’d like to reflect on a few great things that did happen at the Academy last year:

  • The Musical Ladder System®: We introduced the Musical Ladder® to our students n January 2016  and  parents, students, and teachers are loving it!   The new patent pending program is helping our students love their lessons and is motivating them to play more music.   Academy students are getting more out of their lessons than ever before!
  • WE HAVE GROWN: On December 31, 2015 there were about 265 students taking lessons at our schools in Oakville and Georgetown.  As of December 31, 2016 there are OVER 425!
  • Hired 2 new office managers (Graham and Denise).  Along with Joe we now provide student support Monday—Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Although we cannot put an office manager in Georgetown due to space restrictions all of our students can call or email anytime and we will help make your experience with us a great one!

On a personal note :  We have had an amazing 2016 and although I don’t  have enough space to list all the great things here I do have space to say thank you.  THANK YOU for referring the Academy to your friends.  THANK YOU for supporting your children and families as they learn and grow in music.  And THANK YOU  for allowing us to be a part of your musical lives and journey.

From all of us in the office at the Academy of Music!

Important Dates:
Family Day—Monday February 20—CLOSED
March Break— Monday March 13—Sunday March 19—CLOSED

Did you read you Newsletter Contest!

December/January  2016/2017

To increase readership of the Academy Newsletter each month we’ll feature a new contest winner or a new contest.  Be sure to read your newsletter each month to see if your name has been drawn or you might miss out!

This month’s winner is:

Jacob Mayhew

Jacob has won a $15 iTunes Gift Card!!

To redeem your prize simply bring this to the school and claim your Gift Card


Everyone be sure to read your newsletter each month!


Every few months we have a cool new referral contest with awesome prizes. Our current  contest runs from January 2017—March 2017, an the prize is….. “4 SEASON PASSES TO CANADA’S WONDERLAND!”

How do I enter? It’s easy!
Just tell your friends about the Academy and how much you  love your lessons. If any of your friends sign up THEY will get a FREE  $25 registration, YOU will get $25 off your next month of lessons,  and BOTH families will be entered into the referral contest to win 4 season passes to Canada’s Wonderland for 2017!

Celebrating Student Achievement

The Academy of Music in Oakville and Georgetown are the only music schools in their areas to give their students the opportunity to earn cool color wristbands (kids and teens love them!), trophies AND certificates for completing musical challenges. No other school of them inspire their students with smiling faces by giving them full color, really cool “Musical Ladder” wristbands that they can show off to their friends.

More importantly when our students have a challenge coming up, they practice more, their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins!

Here are some of our recent achievers: Piano Student Stacey earned her Apprentice Wristband!  Piano Student Alex earned his Rockstar wristband!  Violin Student Avi earned his Songbird wristband.


To start us off here’s Nebula, or Neby for short 🙂

Neby lives with Graham and belongs to his sister. He’s a bit of a miracle as he got REALLY sick when she first brought him home. But she stayed with him not leaving his side for days and he pulled through. Neby is now healthy and happy, not to mention ADORABLE!


Is YOUR Teacher Sold Out? Teachers With Waiting Lists

Many teachers have sold out, If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list. If you are not a student yet there are still limited lesson spots available. To inquire about openings for January and February please send an email to: [email protected]

Susan—Violin/Piano—Monday FULL, Thursday FULL
Ryan—Guitar/Ukulele—Tuesday FULL, Thursday 1 SPOT LEFT
Corri—Piano/Voice— Wednesday FULL, Saturday 1 SPOT
Elizabeth—Piano/Voice—Thursday FULL
Maria—Piano/Voice— Wednesday FULL
Eric—Guitar/Drums— Tuesday 1 SPOT, Wednesday FULL
Robert—Guitar/Piano—Thursday FULL, Saturday FULL
Melissa— Piano/Voice—Monday—FULL
Gail—Violin—Tuesday FULL, Wednesday FULL, Thursday 1 SPOT
Christina—Piano/Voice—Wednesday FULL
Tom—Piano—Wednesday FULL

Contact the office for details.

Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled at
our school in November and December

Thomas K.
Aaryan K.
Esha K.
Katarina N.
Paul A.
Zahra V.
Caleb D.
Evva R.
Veronica H.
Olivia P.
Gregory B.
Rachel M.
Addison S.
Bryce P.
Miranda S.
Natalia C.
Tia E.
Carter G.
Tanja P.
Olivia P.
Miranda S.
Natalia C.
Tia E.
Carter G.
Natalia C.
Olivia T.
Owen T.
Samrit B.
Meghan S.
Alexandre K.
Diana K.
Melanie G.
Danice M.
Karolina B.
Jasmine W.
Mikhaela M.
Manan G.
Raeesa M.
Yukki Y.
Jillian A.
Emily M.
Emma B.
Sophia B.
Genevieve S.
Rita N.
Xander S.
Hassan S.
Hunter K.
Keana O.
Claire T.
Amanda B.
Femke B.
Ayurita T.
Dayana T.
Laura N.
Aidan R.
Daniel C.
Molly R.
Erin Z.
Alan Z.
Sienna G.
Patricia I.
Caley M.
Claire W.
Sydney M.
Blain H.
Luisa B.
Shelby D.
Adrian B.
Mio T.
Annoushaiy A.
Ari A.
Anik G.
Christian K.

A Big THANK YOU to all these
families for referring new students!!!

Allen Family

Trainer Family

Jamshidian Family

Daoust-Thompson Family

MacMillan Family

Leong Family

Lukas Family













Sign up is easy and parent-friendly, with helpful staff available seven days a week to serve you. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no semester minimums.
The Academy of Music in Oakville Ontario teaches piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, voice, saxophone, clarinet and flute


Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!


$40/30 minutes
$80/60 minutes (Recommended for the serious student)


Monday – Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 7:30pm
Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm

A one-time registration fee of $25 (due only at time of registration)
Music lessons are HST exempt!
Fees must be paid by auto debit or pre-authorized credit card at time of registration.

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